How long for this to kick?

  1. How long for this to kick?

    When will i notice 700mg primo/WK and 40mg of var ED to take effect? im thinking i will see a lil strength from the var and hardness from the both of em? thoughts? and dont say up the var,40 is plenty thats my story im stickin to it! Havent started yet but wanna have an idea when i will notice THANKS

  2. Took me about 2 weeks to really feel var. Don't know about primo.

  3. god you must be rich
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  4. Is this the sides free stack from Naps? What are you doing for PCT?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    god you must be rich


  6. I'll have feedback on Primo soon, was wanting to know myself

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jerbear1980 View Post
    I'll have feedback on Primo soon, was wanting to know myself
    everyone who uses it says its amazing. i think the only peole who bash it are the people who dont try it. kinda like everything else lol.
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