qv teston 250 legit?

  1. qv teston 250 legit?

    hey guys,

    my brother brought home his first batch of gear and he bought 2 vials of teston 250 by quality vet. ive been doing a little bit of reading about them and apparently they have been shutdown by the DEA. also their website is no more. the batch number on it is qvt 025 and the exp date is 07/2016. I have pictures I can post up as well if it isnt against the rules.


  2. vet gear? Tell your bro to find a real source, lol.

  3. I just picked up the same thing today. Same exact lot and exp date. (Kinda weird 2 years after this original post) Most stuff that my guy has is BD or IP. I read somewhere that IP started making QV Teston after the original company was shut down. Anyone know anything about that?? I'm gonna get blood work done before I start and a few weeks in, so I'll comment later but I'm not starting my cycle for another month or 2.

  4. It's good, I've used it many times before.

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