1. Syringes

    Where can I order online? I don't think it's against the rules to ask for that... hope not. I don't have a license so getting to a pharmacy during their hours is tough with work.


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  3. Local pharmacy should have pins. They usually sell them in cases of 100. Some even do sell them by unit. Very cheap and no need to re use them



    Not bad at all. Remember to get drawing and pinning. One for each action.

  5. yeah i can just walk into any CVS or Wal-mart and ask for any size/length i want. They are like 25 cents a pop here so why order? I'd check your local pharmacies first.

  6. I ordered off Amazon. Man, you guys don't listen do you? I can't drive and get there during pharmacy hours. Yeesh...

  7. i live in the tri state area and ive NEVER heard of a place selling needles. no cvs/rite aid/wal mart. they DO sell, but you need doctor note.

    the only places u can get them is like in harlem, they dnt want aids to spread i guess...

  8. someone turned me on to calvetsupply online, and I'm a huge fan of theres now. They have EVERYTHING, and shipping is incredibly fast, usps first class and I have it in 2 days, they've never failed me yet.


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