[10weeks]500mg T-Cyp;3 weeks beast 4 weeks epi; PES ERASE; hcg throughout

  1. [10weeks]500mg T-Cyp;3 weeks beast 4 weeks epi; PES ERASE; hcg throughout

    In short, my conception of the perfect cycle


    Test cyp - 2 injects/week @250mg
    Superdrol (as beastdrol) front load - 20 on workouts days, 10 off, 3-4 weeks
    Epistane - 40mg as a finisher 3-4 weeks\
    Ipamorelin - GHRP


    Liver: I have a bunch of stuff. Will pick up SAMe, as I think that is my favorite for prevention of cholestasis.

    Estrogen: I am using PES ERASE in place of exemestane, because frankly aromasin is too goddamn expensive. ERASE should do just fine for limiting estrogen sides. I might kick in some I3C for estrogen channeling towards the end of the cycle.

    Blood pressure: Ubiquinol, and HAWTHORN EXTRACTS. Taurine as well. I believe the combination should alleviate some back pumps as well (those are blood pressure/volume related). I may end up getting some phlebotomy done as prophylaxis.

    HPTA upkeep: hcg 250iu 2x/week

    Leangains diet. DC training. Hopefully some cardio!


    Clomid 100/50/50/50/25/25
    Ostarine 12.5mg (ed, preloaded)
    vitex and b6 on hand for prolactin
    Nolva as needed

    Hoping to get well over 405 on the bench and a 675 dead
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  2. might wanna go fo 12 weeks with the CYP

  3. i would go with 750mg test /week. it already cost good $ for the peptides, you might as well get more test. it will only help, especially that ur lean bulking and on a demanding program like DC.
    andd ur 230lbs...

  4. Damn, that much more, huh? I already blow up from SD alone, so I was thinking just a very strong base. Thanks for the advice, guys!
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  5. strained a quad, but buckling down now. Dropping the Ipam due to join pain.
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .



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