Sus250 dosing, 2x's per week vs E3D

  1. Sus250 dosing, 2x's per week vs E3D

    Hey guys, planning my next cycle of Sust 250 and Winny. I planned to run the Sust over 10 weeks at 250mg twice per week, and run the orals 50mg/day, weeks 8-12, moving into a clomid and nolva based PCT. Aromasin 12.5mg EOD.

    My question is regarding dose timimg. Due to the short acting esters in the Sust, I'm hearing its beneficial to run it at a minimum E3D. However, this is only my 2nd cycle and I feel that I do not want to go over my 5,000mg total throughout 70 days (10wks). Would it behoove me to run 200mgs E3D over this time (now 75days) as, mathematically, it is roughly equivalent and would possibly keep my levels more constant, or would my results be the same and I should just stop being a math nerd? .

    My goal is to recomp.
    Age 23
    height 6'2"
    weight- 241
    bf %- 16
    training 4 years
    last cycle- 500mg of cyp 8weeks, dbol kicker 1-4.

  2. anybody?????

  3. I think E3D is better than twice a week but I also think that sustanon is best shot EOD to keep prop active. Some will argue this but this has worked best me for and those I know. 125mg EOD worked like a charm.

  4. I am getting some sus and plan on using it E3D. You have to take notice of the esters. Most of them are the longer esters in sus. I have seen some go 2x/wk, some say E3D and others go EOD. I think you would be fine going E3D due to the majority of ester being longer acting. I think EOD makes sense when pinning with tren ace or another short acting AAS.

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