Precontest cycle advice, Var/TestP/Mast ---primo?

  1. Precontest cycle advice, Var/TestP/Mast ---primo?

    20 week until competition.

    I've been on 7 weeks so far with the following:
    700mg/wk Testosterone Propionate
    350mg/wk Masteron 6wks, now @ 525mg/wk
    Anavar 80mg ED, 7 weeks

    I'v leaned out CONSIDERABLY, while gaining tons of strength and only dropping about 3lbs on the scale. Veins pumps endurance all insane. I'm not sure which drug is the most effective because i'm using them all at once, but I think the masteron is causing the strength/looks, and var is overall fatloss/fullness.

    I have TWENTY weeks left. and i'm already around 8% at 199lbs. 17 3/4inch arms on average both sides and i'm 5' 7'' so i'm taking this seriously.

    HERE is the deal:

    I need to drop the var for a while to recovery cholestrol/liver so i can get back on 8 weeks from the show!~

    1. how long is enough? 6-8 weeks break from the oral??>

    2. will continuing the masteron at 525mg or more cause any cholestrol issues etc? Im not noticing much acne/shedding or any issues.

    3. WHAT can i fill in for the anavar thats safe, injectable, and comparable to where i wont loose my gains?

    I had two ideas: bump up the test to 800mg, and masteron to 650 or add in primobolan enanthate at 500mg/wk??? OR tren ace at a low dose...but I dont want progestin issues.

  2. You should be doing primo anyway.

    Makes everything work better and will also give you hardness and fullness like var.

  3. I dont think you are going to "lose your gains" by just dropping the var. you could bump up your mast dose, but even at the dose you are at now especially with the test, that is over a gram of gear a week, and considering how mild anavar is, I don't think you will lose the gains you made on the var by dropping it at this point for 6-8 weeks.

    If you must add something, primobolan is probably your best bet, but I feel like since its the enan ester that you might only get 2-4 weeks out of it at the optimal dose if you are taking 6-8 weeks off the var. to avoid that though I guess you could preload it the first week or so to get more out of it.

    After my recent run with tren ace/mast/prop I can say that the overall strength/hardness/fullness that I experienced while on that was second to none. But if you are worried about progestin sides I understand even though there are drugs to counter this.

    either way I hope you post up pics as you get closer to your show. I am very interested!

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