EQ tips?

  1. EQ tips?

    I'm planning a 15 week test/eq cycle where I will run [email protected]/wk and [email protected]/wk along with dbol and SD in the beginning.

    Any tips you guys have, or sides I should watch for? I originally wanted to run deca, but I want to make sure I keep my libido strong. How is EQ in the libido department vs deca?

    I'll likely run adex at .25ED along with hcg, havnt decided how I'll dose the hcg yet though.

  2. I'd drop the SD, too harsh and I would never advise stacking two methyls.

    I personally have never had too bad of a libido problem with deca, a little bit with tren, but at 500/week of test you should be fine.
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    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  3. my friend did 50mg dbol/day + 20mg mdrol, got crazy gains. but also had a doctor appointment and was told his heart was working at only 60% or something along the lines.

    he was at 400eq and 500test

  4. When you use a variety of gear, you never know which one is doing what. But I understand that when you decide to cycle, you can't afford to do proper tests on the gear and see what your reaction is. In regards to Equip, I believe it is the most over rated compound out there. It will raise your hemocrit over the top, making your heart work over time and stressing it out needlessly. It has virtually no anabolic effect and the main reasons for using equip-- joint relief and increased metabolism-- fall way short of expectations. I used it for years and after years of horrible blood tests due to equip, I wised up, dropped it and feel much better. I'm sort of on this personal anti-equip crusade I suppose, but most guys who have used AAS for a few years tend to agree that equip is worthless.

  5. To much bro. It really depends on your goal for cycle.The superdrol will compliment the eq nicely because of the lean gains. I'm also looking into adding eq into my next cycle if not maybe mast e.

  6. Drop one of the orals in the start. No need for both, expect the eq to show it's effects at wk 5/6. It will make u hungry also, and strength gains are unreal. It's hard not to fall in love

  7. I love EQ personally. To answer your libido question, it's not generally associated with any negative sexual sides.


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