3rd cycle: Test Prop/Anavar OR Test Cyp.. Help?

  1. 3rd cycle: Test Prop/Anavar OR Test Cyp.. Help?

    5'9" 215 lbs, 17% BF
    2 cycles, both 500mg Test-E / wk.

    Hey guys, I need some help with my next cycle. I have a few concerns, my main one being hairloss. I feel as if I've been playing with fire on my first two cycles as I've already noticed fairly significant thinning before steroid use. I want to continue using, but I'm looking to do so as safely as possible.

    My next concern is gains. I want clean gains as summer is coming up. I know this is directly relationship with my diet, but I intend to keep my eating habits clean and include 3 days of cardio throughout the week.

    Cycle Option 1:
    Wk 1-8 Anavar 50mg ED
    Wk 1-8 Test Prop 100mg EOD
    Wk 8-10 Clomid 50mg ED

    Cycle Option 2:
    Wk 1-6 Anavar 50mg ED
    Wk 1-10 Test Cyp 500mg / wk (divided in 2 shots)
    Wk 12-14 Clomid 50mg ED

    To be honest, I'm leaning towards the Test Prop and Anavar cycle, but I'm just not sure it's enough to get good gains. I'd like to maybe shed a few lbs. of fat and increase my lean muscle lbs. by atleast the same amount while working on my lagging muscle groups. I'm not sure I could afford to increase the Anavar or Prop dosages much, this cycle is already twice the price of cycle 2 almost. I know finances shouldn't really play a part, however.

    What do you guys think? Which will be better for sides? Gains?

  2. test prop and anavar is a great mild cutting/fatloss/toning cycle. one of my favorites. i would go with that. you could add some clen and t3 and take the fat loss further

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