Test cycle and memory function?

  1. Test cycle and memory function?

    Being 22, I think I'm ready to take the leap to the darkside. No need for flaming or asking for stats and the alike. I'm just wanting to find an answer for my question. I've researched the past 3 years on injectables and the benefits/risks, so no need to question my motives. After all, it IS my body lol.

    I'm 4th year at my uni and I'm wondering about this question: Will a cycle like test propionate (9-10weeks) help my memory function when it comes to studying and retaining information? I haven't actually seen a case study on the internet, but have only seen how it benefits with memory. Can anyone chime in on this who's experienced it or can clarify this supposed benefit? I won't lie, along with building lean muscle and strength and having some HARD wood, being able to retain info easier would be a really nice addition as well

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    You "might" be able to focus a little stronger but it won't be anything special. I would not expect any type of memory increase or anything in the learning department. You'll be the same sorry

    Had one of my worst semesters ever and one of my best ever on test cycles so yes I have the experience. Want to do better, study more and go over information as soon as you can after a lecture.
    Nothings going to make you smarter than you are.
    Thanks for the quick response! I feel you on the going over material right after a lecture. Thanks for chiming in brah!

  3. What are your stats and the alike?

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  4. I was going to give you advice but I forgot what I was going to say.

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