Test and EQ

  1. Test and EQ

    Little hx run 2 inj cycles:
    1. 500mg test/wk for 12 wks kicked off with 10/20/20/30 mg SD. Gained 10 solid pounds but was all the SD. Test was good pro just low dosed caused added friends T400 at end and made huge diffence also bumped up the test to see if better response and then really made huge difference.

    2) 800mg T400/wk for 18 wks and 600mg deca for 16 wks. Was very nice cycle esp after 6 wk mark. Had some issue with gyno at end but AI killed it and fine 3 wks in pct. Gained 26lbs but water has dropped out and 3 wks into pct holding on to 20lbs and looking pretty lean.

    So I was thinking of running the same T400 at 800mg and adding EQ this time to hopefully avoid the gyno issue and stay a bit leaner during cycle. Might kick off with 4-5wks epi. Question is I hearing lots of varying on EQ dose done say 400/wk others I hear 600 or higher. What do u guys think the best dose for best bang? Love to hear from guys that have EQ and deca experience but anyone with EQ experience come on in too.

  2. id straight come in and say EQ depends on the person. some people like it, others hate it. i do like it, but as a part of a stack, the compound on its own is nothing. u gotta do 600mg/week. at 400 a week i didnt notice anything. epi is a good choice for kick start esp when tryina b lean.

  3. i agree 100% w/ glhf ... depends on the person ... personally , i luv it!! its my favorite ( when -gains-sides-cost are all factored in )

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