first test cycle advice please!

  1. first test cycle advice please!

    So I've been looking into an injectable cycle for awhile now and was wondering what all yall over at AM thinks. This is what i was considering,

    on cycle:
    1-10: 500mg test cyp twice a week
    1-10: anastrozole at .5mg/day
    (was thinking about adding in Dbol for the first three weeks, i realize it has been discussed extensively on these boards, and I haven't really found consensus about it)

    1-4: Tapering tamox from 40mg
    1-4: Tapering Clomid from 100mg
    1-4: anastrozole at 1mg daily
    (Possibly tapering HCG for first three weeks of PCT, again, I am unsure whether this is necessary even though it has been discussed time and time again).

    Since it would be my first injectable cycle, my main questions would be do you think I should stay away from adding dbol into it? and also will HCG really be that beneficial if I am only running a 10 weeker test only cycle?

    As a note, I am 21, have been lifting for 6 years, and did have some delayed gyno issues with mdrol. Nothing severe/noticeable, but there is some fatty tissue around my nips and one has been very slightly sore for probably 6 months. However, even with being gyno sensitive I may add in propencia to keep hair loss from occuring.

  2. #1 no AI in pct

    you mean 250 mg 2x a week for the cyp, right?

    Also, don't start the arimadex unless gyno starts to flare up. I usually end up using it at .5 EOD starting about week 4, but that's me, everyone is different. When did you notice gyno from the M-Drol?

  3. mid week 2 got ichy/puffy nips, started getting some gyno late week 3, got it under control in pct with nolva but then had some rebound about a month later which has been very slowly diminishing on its own for the past several months.

    and yeah i meant 250mg twice a week

  4. stack with dbol
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. haha any personal reason schwellington? Ive been watching your current log; effin' manly bro.

  6. I agree with the oral kickstart or end.

  7. only use hcg until 4 days prior to your pct not in it.

    id extend your cycle a little bit 2-4 weeks and add in dbol or oral of your choice at the beginnign about 4 weeks and maybe add another one in 4 weeks prior to starting pct.

    looks good tho
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  8. so should i use HCG throughout the cycle then until pct? or just for the last couple weeks.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by tygy96 View Post
    so should i use HCG throughout the cycle then until pct? or just for the last couple weeks.
    id use it throughout the cycle and than quit 4 days prior to pct.

    theres some 2000 / 1500 / 1000 iu method about 2 weks prior to pct but idk ive never used it
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  10. to reiterate what others have said, don't use the adex during your cycle. keep it on hand in case you need it. using it on cycle will dry you out too much and hinder your gains as it is very strong. 10 weeks is a decent cycle but if you can afford it you'll be much happier going 12 or even 14 weeks.

  11. let the gains begin


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