Hi all, I'm about to start a gyno reversal protocol with letro ( mostly from puberty stage, maybe some from previous ph cycle. )
I will be tapering up from .25mg to 2.5, and tapering down and maintaining a .50 if/when satisfied with results ( I don't plan on going past 2 weeks, if it doesn't go away, I'll most likely result to saving uP for surgery or dealing with it.)

My question is, I have a test e (500mg/week) and dbol cyle planned, have everything stocked including arimidex for gyno prevention all the way through cycle, and tori / exestamene for PCT.
Could I begin my cycle right after my last dose of letro? As in on the day of my first injection I'll switch to arimidex and proceed with scheduled cycle?

It might sound amateur, but I have my cycle length / timing almost on the dot, as I have a trip planned about 4 weeks after my PCT is over. I didn't want to do a letro protocol + PCT then waiting 2-4 weeks to start cycle. As that would mean possible overlap in travel while on PCT or directly after ( would like a solid month to maintain gains, although I will be working out everyday during trip. )

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Note: anything posted about is strictly theoretical / fictional.