Critique my cycle

  1. Critique my cycle

    Age 35
    Height 6,2"
    Weight 14st

    I haven`t taken my body fat as i haven`t got calipers,but if i pinch my abdominal fat with index finger and thumb it measures about 2".

    I`m planing on doing Test E subQ at 500mg EW for 12 weeks,subQ is because i`m a ***** and can`t do IM,i`ll divide my shots into two each week and use a slin pin.I`ll add Dbol at 30mg ED for the first 4 weeks,i have an OTC AI at hand which is IBE Formex,i will be doing PCT with Nolva for 4 weeks starting two weeks after last shot 40,20,20,20.

    I also have a bottle of legitimate old school 1-AD,i`m thinking of adding this in the last 4 weeks of my cycle at 300mg ED.

    Diet will be fairly clean.My goals are to bulk a little,but to mainly add some quality muscle and strength.

    Can anyone please critique this cycle and tell me what you would add or take away,also does anyone have any experience with running Test E and 1-AD? I`ve looked around and can`t find anything on the two being combined,i`m guessing that as 1-AD and 4-AD are run together that this would just be the same as 4-AD converts to test.

    Thanks guys.

  2. if you are going to pin it subq...u couldnt inject 2 1ml shots...u would have to divide it, subq shots shud usually be around 0.2-0.4ml, which would be easy enough to do with an slin needle. but means your going to need to pin up to 10 times a week.

    other than that...i loved dbol and test e. at the same dose
    12weeks test e, 5 weeks dbol at 30mg, then nolva...IMO no need to go as high as 40, its functions are questionable after 20mg..if your worried...30 for a few days...then 20 20 10 10
    if its ur first 1, id keep it at that without anything else...if not.. throw in the ad the last 2 weeks of pins..and the 2 weeks of downtime before pct starts
    (BUT it would be handier if u man'd up and pinned IM )

  3. **** Sub Q... Pin IM. ]

    The needle is going to break the skin regardless. It does not hurt going into the muscle..

    And you're also more likely to get an abscess pinning that much liquid sub q considering its oil and not water. JMO

  4. Have you ever tried to inject 1cc of oil through a slin pin? It'll take you an hour. How are you going to draw it? You'll have to remove the plunger and back load it because I guarantee you will not be able to draw 1cc of test through a slin pin. Having 1cc sub q is going to burn for a while, remain lumpy and you'll feel it for a day or so. You may want to reconsider going IM. Otherwise, looks good.

  5. Just go IM it's cake!

  6. This subQ doesn`t sound as good as i thought,i was thinking that i could do 1ml shots of 250mg test e twice a week.
    What is the best way to do IM shots? I have 23g 1" needles which i have tried to use on a few occasions going into the quads,but i have a dodgey reaction to this and have passed out twice even before i could get the oil in,there was absolutely no pain involved though...I just have an aversion of going in to the muscle with larger needles.

    When i`ve had hep shots at my docs they were in the delts and they didn`t bother me at all.

  7. Do you have someone like a wife or girlfriend that can do a VG or glute? You're not the only one who has problems with needles. There was this guy on BB that was on his first cycle and decided to go with prop/test every other day. He almost had a nervous breakdown with his anxiety. It happens. I'd ask someone else to do it for you. Good luck.


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