monsterdrol xt delivery

  1. monsterdrol xt delivery

    Let me start by saying i live in Canada. I received my bottle of xt with no seal on it. The pills are white capsules (large). What do you guys think?? Thanks in advance.

  2. You sure the seal didn't get stuck in the lid? When I opened my first bottle the lid peeled back the seal due to the edge overlapping so I opened another bottle to see if the same thing happened and it peeled it partially up even opening very slow.

    Pill are large and white.

  3. no seal period.

  4. That's odd...

    I'm sure it is fine but you may E-mail [email protected] and ask for a refund if you would like. You will be asked to show proof of purchase but I'm sure that will be easy to do.

    Thank you JwL.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JwL View Post
    no seal period.
    I'd still take it..

  6. or you could just send it to me


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