a few nolva and cycle questions

  1. a few nolva and cycle questions

    im in the start of week 6 on a 12 week 50mgs dbol[ed for 5 weeks] 500mg test e and 300mg deca and within the last week my nips have itched and gotten sore and just last night a lil puffiness started showin so i got a few questions

    i have some liquid nolva and needed to double check on what ive read about it being "ok" too take 1ml/20mgs a day until the problem clears?

    ive nvr tasted the liquid nolva and have heard its the worst taste ever so can i drink it mixxed or with a chaser or will it hender some of the effects of it?

    spread thru out 3-4 years ive done 2 40 day 100mg pmag cycles~1 six week 100mg hdrol cycle~my first juice cycle i did last year kick started with 4 week 50mg dbol 400 deca and 750 test e and didnt have any sides at all with any of those cycles besides a 24/7 hard on and lol thats not a bad side effect

    so whats everyone take on what it could possibly be causing these on cycle gyno complications-im a week off dbol and im in the same week in which ive heard that deca starts too kick in. should i or is it even ok too maybe drop the deca and bump the test too 750 a week?

    and just incase anyone wants too know about y im taking less on this cycle then my 1st was cuz my "buddy" said more is always better with juice blah blah blah i did gain 25 kept 17 BUT im takin 2 less shots a week this cycle and gainin just the same BUT having this side effect so now idk what too think since its all the same brand of juice i ran last time and all i messed with was lowering the dosages hhmmmm

    thanks ahead of time for any and all help

  2. That still looks like a big cycle for second one but to each his own. I am predisposed to gyno. I have had gyno on every cycle. I usually run an AI with each one. I use adex and only because it's personall preference. I only use .25mg e3d and this works well for me. I wouldn't drop the deca AND raise the test. You can take precautions or lower the dose. I think you will be fine if you get an AI and keep the same doses. I have never used nolva during cycle so I can't help you there. I do use nolva for pct in all cycles and the gyno appears to be completely gone, even though I'm almost certain it's still there in a tiny amount.

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