Beast=higher body temp?

  1. Beast=higher body temp?

    So I'm almost done with my 4 weeks of Beastdrol and I swear it has made me feel a lot hotter....I've never checked my actual body temp, but unless i'm in shorts and a tshirt I pretty much feel like I'm burning up. Sometimes, I can't even wear that much clothing. It's like 30-40 degree's here, so it's not like it's summer. I'm wearing a pair of jeans a tshirt and feel like i'm on fire.....I'm also on Test E, but have never had this feeling with Test before. Anyone have similar experience?

  2. I always feel the same when when my blood pressure is in the hypertension area. Not sure that is the case with everyone but usually my first sign that BP is getting high.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. I just started an M-drol cycle about a week ago and I swear I feel about 5 degrees hotter or something. I seem to feel this way no matter what compound I use.

  4. Maybe it's raising your blood pressure, which makes you feel hotter... I had the same feeling on various PHs.

    notanymore was 2 mins faster.

  5. yea, i've suspected my BP has been raised...thankfully I have only 3 more days on it.

  6. Androgens themselves will increase body temp, as will an increase in BP. It's to be expected that you'll feel warmer on most cycles.


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