First Injection - leg hurts

  1. First Injection - leg hurts

    I injected 300mg Test-E (1ml) correct and now my leg hurts (like heavy sore muscles). I'm aware of this problem and know, that in 99% its nothing to concern about but I am a little bit confused, because it started to hurt only a few hours after injection.

    Is this normal?
    Can I train my legs?

  2. yes its normal

    yes you can train legs.

    you'll get use to the "pain" after a few jabs it wont bother you at all.

    it may be sore for a couple of days afterwards but I wouldnt be concerned about it unelss it gets red n puffy / flu like symtomps
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  3. Hurray.
    Thanks for reply.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzogo View Post
    Thanks for reply.
    np, like I said you'll get use to it. after youve hit every site a few times its not bad at all.
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