AAS Beginners Guide

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  1. AAS Beginners Guide

    In case this hasn't been posted already I thought I'd share this with anyone looking for a write up on types of AAS, dieting, anti estros, SERMS etc...

    you can download the 98 pages here: AnabolicandNutritionalSuppleme nts.pdf

    I have not read all of it but so far it seems like good info. (in about 30 some pages so far)

  2. Great post bro. I'm sure the newbs will love this.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by spezzy View Post
    Great post bro. I'm sure the newbs will love this.
    Now if we could just get them to read it

  4. Quote Originally Posted by unc21 View Post
    Now if we could just get them to read it
    yea I wish they could make this a sticky. It is a little long but its full of good info, def. worth the download.

  5. hell yeah thanks for the link

  6. Awesome.
    Just inject.

  7. bump i like to keep this on the top

  8. Should be stickied somewhere.

  9. I'm not sure which mod to ask to sticky it....

  10. subed to look at later.....

  11. Just browsing through it. Good stuff N8te!!!


  12. Oh F ya, that is awesome!! Thanks!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  13. BUMP!! Because this isn't a sticky yet!!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  14. def a good read bump as well

  15. nice! I'm all over this.

  16. Yo n8te good lookin out man

  17. BY FAR - the best post I have read on AM! Nice job!

  18. good post man

  19. I'm glad you guys enjoy it, be sure to spread it around other boards

  20. just read the first 10 pages and this is really good info. I'm definitely reading the entire doc this week.

  21. Bump. I've seen some new posts from guys that would benefit from this.

  22. subbed
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  23. Started on this last night ! Its really good stuff. I consider my self a n00b when it comes to AAS, so from one n00b to another read this.

  24. Great help!

  25. Bumpity bump bump


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