New Cycle after a long lay off!!!

  1. New Cycle after a long lay off!!!

    Alright heres what Im looking at.

    Sustanon 500mgs/ week for 10 weeks
    dbol 20 mgs/week for the first 4 weeks
    Letro 1.25 mgs twice/week every monday and friday

    nolva 20mgs for 4 weeks

    how does this look, I know its an easy bread and butter dbol/test cycle... But I was wondering if the dbol is good at just 20mgs or if i should kick the dose up a little bit..... I used it before at 20mgs and got good results, but Ive heard of guys using up to 50mgs of dbol a day to get their desired results and since Ive cycled it before I was wondering if I will need to kick up the dosage to get the results I got when I first used it

  2. cycle looks good. personally id start with 20mg dbol and probably up the dose to 30-40mg

  3. Yeah thats what I was thinking, just go by feel, if Im gaining good on just 20 why do more when I could just save the rest for a cycle down the road, but then if Im not I'll kick up the dose in weeks 3-4... Also when applying an AI like letro that reduces water retention will that actually harm my strength gains the first 4 weeks, then if I didnt use an AI at all..... B/c if thats the case, and my nips are feeling good during 4 weks with dbol, I was thinking about saving the letro until Im done with the 4 weeks of dbol

  4. Even at twice a week letro is a very strong AI. I use it during cycles when issues arise and then discontinue it when they go away. I think that even twice a week at 1.25mg you might be doing more harm than good.
    If you know you are sensitive then arimidex might be a better choice to run the length of the cycle.

  5. initially i thought 20-30 mgs of dbol would be enough. But when i started my cycle, the first day i took 40mgs lol and now i'm up to 50 which seems to be the sweet spot. Just make sure you buy enough so that you can up the dosage if you want. I made this mistake and will run out in like 12 days so i had to order more which is a pain in the......PM me with any questions.



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