yes, another pinning question

  1. yes, another pinning question

    So, I started my first inj. cycle last week and decided to go with the outer heads of my quads. 1 cc/ml test in one and 1 cc/ml of masteron in the other.
    Every precaution was taken and I did plenty of research before hand. The injection seemed to have gone well and it was actually quite painless.

    After the injection all that I felt in the following days was a barely noticeable dull pain similar to if you were to have bumped into the corner of a table---very, very mild. Two days after the injection I trainned legs and woke up last night with severe pain and I can not walk very well at all becuase of the pain---only in the test leg.

    There is no discoloration in the area and only minor swelling. I am sure that it isn't an infection, but it seems that my leg workout irritated some deep tissue damage that I may have done.

    So what could I have hit? I went in right at the crown of the outer head of the quad and did aspirate with no blood. Pinned shoulders just before bed last night and I don't feel a thing.

  2. well I mean I can't really tell u what's wrong if u supposedly did everything right...right?

    The only thing I can tell u is that u didn't clean the injection site properly, or the needle became dirty. Tho, u say that there's no sign of discoloration or a raised, swollen area. I think you're fine. Just tough it out and you'll survive. I mean, what do you expect? You worked out injection sites that you recently injected.

  3. What esters and concentrations (mg/ml) where the Testosterone and Masteron?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
    What esters and concentrations (mg/ml) where the Testosterone and Masteron?
    test cyp 200 mgs/ml. Masteron enanth. 200 mgs/ml. Used a 23g 1 inch. needle.

    Leg is much better now. Walking much better today. I know that this IS NOT an infection. Leg workout had to have irritated something that I hit, but what? Had 2 full days between injection and workout.

    I am not freaked out or worried about this. Just new to it all and looking for some advice to avoid any future mistakes. So please be kind with your words. And thank you in advance to those who answer with civility.

  5. Yeah sometimes leg workouts will disrupt the dispursement of the oil and can irritate it.

  6. I had the same problem, Inject my right leg pain got so bad I had to use the cage to get on and off my forklift at work. Four days later I was ok and pain was gone. I now inject my deltoids, no more issues with pain, etc...

  7. Hey just a few questions about pinning before I start my first inj cycle in a month. Im pinning test p EOD. On monday I workout shoulders/Tris would it be best to pin in my quad on monday. And friday I do legs so I would pin in my delts. Is that a good idea? To like avoid the problem the OP had?

  8. I actually like to pin right before lifting when possible, especially quads. Pin, and then hit the gym immediately after. I think it helps spread out the oil and it seems to lessen the pain the next day.

  9. Thanks for the replys guys. I suppose that I will have to space the pinning of the quads even further out. And, what about pinning areas immediately after working them out? I.e. work out legs then go home and pin quads.


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