Cardio at end of cycle or during PCT.. Thoughts?

  1. Cardio at end of cycle or during PCT.. Thoughts?

    I'm about 6 weeks into my cycle of 600mg Test-E for 10 weeks; this is my 2nd cycle. Recently I've realized I have a houseboating trip planned for 3 days after my PCT is scheduled to end. Currently, I look quite bloated and bulky.

    My question is, if I were to start doing cardio 3x per week and dropped the calories a bit do you think this would negatively affect my chances at keeping my gains? I'm talking maybe cut calories down to 3,500 per day (above maintenance) while keeping protein at 1.5g per pound of bodyweight. I'm currently 217lbs. 5'10 with maybe 15-17% BF.

    What's your opinion on doing cardio in the PCT? I realize it's a critical time to cement your gains, so I'm wondering if focusing on a quick cut is even possible without losing gains.

  2. bump.. nobody has any thoughts on this at all?

  3. you should be doing cardio while on cycle....there is so many benefits to it why stop just because your on cycle are you gaining anything from not doing cardio? I say no. I do cardio every dam day at least a 30 mins. Honestly from my own experience starting cardio and pushing your body to perform and slim up during counter productive. Your body is shutdown and restarting the natural test cycle and highly catabolic which is where you lose mass. You have to remember you are on a super natural level of strength power and endurance while on cycle when you come off you may think you can but you cant actually perform the same thus some people overwork their body into actually losing mass too trying to keep " strength". Remember the idea is to go forward some time that means taking two step forward and one step back but were still ahead get it.

  4. Cardio while on cycle----agreed. High intensity cardio while on cycle---Definetly NO!!! Remember that the heart is a muscle too. Frequent, high intensity cardio(heart rate 140 bpm or higher) while using anabolic steriods could lead to an enlarged heart and other possible complications.

  5. yes just what I was thinking. I keep my cardio around 130 bpm which i found to be more effective for me to lose body fat. you actually want your heart rate to be around 40 to 60% of your max heart rate to burn fat. Anything above that your body is converting carbs to energy because its faster than converting fat to energy for your muscles.

  6. hmm.. ok..

    so, if i wanted to end my cycle witout a "gut" lets say, I'd start cardio now (end of week 7 today) and do it for the next 5 weeks and stop before PCT.

  7. left ventricular hypertrophy is a result of high blood pressure and high levels of hormone use have always been correlated to cardiac and respiratory problems/diseases. Running alone doesnt make u immune to these at all, it may help some but wont get rid of it.

    If you are going to increase the amount of calories expended via cardio u have to take in at least what you are expending to continue to grow ur muscles.

    Realize that when u come off cycles ur going to lose some water weight because of the water retention of test e, u may not be as fat as u think you are right now.

    As for heart rates for fat loss most people say to run a HIITS program. realistically it doesnt matter which substrate u are utilizing for production of ATP rather the amount of calories you burn, and i garuntee you 30min a 65% MHR will burn a lot less calories than 30 min at 85% MHR, also elevated metabolism due to heavy cardio workloads stay elevated for roughly 24 hours.

    I suggest you do a little bit if you feel you are putting on a lot of weight, i also suggest you stop before pct.

  8. do cardio regardless,

    just keep your calories elevated, there shouldnt be much loss is PCT is good...

    dont cut calories, just add in a little cardio.

  9. cut carbs. keep protein + fats for 80% of ur diet. even if 4k+ cals/day. add cardio LISS 2x 60min + HIIT 2x 20min + 10min colldown every week. take AI if u have extra money, its not that important but its nice to have.

    And 20min of HIIT wouldnt enlarge your heart.

  10. I agree with all those above cardio is so important, I'd hate to not be able to push the weight I should be able to cuz of lack of "steam". Personally like HIT but everyone has what works for them but cardio is always importent


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