Tren A, Masteron, and Winny Cycle

  1. Tren A, Masteron, and Winny Cycle

    I'm 5'9 203lbs 11% bf. I have been training for 6 years.....well I just started this cycle last week. This is also from DL. Has anyone else tried products from this company?

    Tren A 50mg eod weeks 1-8
    masteron 100mg eod weeks 1-6
    liquid winny 50mg ed weeks 1-8

    any adjustments to this cycle. Thanks

  2. No aromatizing compounds?

  3. edit the lab immediately, thats not allowed here

  4. suggestion....add at least a moderate dose of test or expect no getting a boner when u need to

  5. post has been edited.

    and yeah I want to add some prop and run it 50mg ed with the tren. I have to save more money

    even if its only 250mg testE/cyp ew (or some prop)
    rest looks ok.
    I like my cycles a bit longer thow.
    and less time with orals liek winny. just me thow if it was me i would do liek this:
    wk1-10 250mg testE ew
    wk1-8 100mg trenA eod
    wk1-8 100mg mast eod
    wk4-9 30-50mg winny ed

    somthing of this sort.


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