another first cycle thread

  1. another first cycle thread

    Ok heres the deal... I'm not a troll haha

    I usually only post over at but the good people over here seem to be a bit more aas ph/ds friendly.

    Brief history.. I've been lifting since 2004 pretty much alwasy do a variant of the 5x5 madcow and starr workouts Changing weight and intensity to meet my needs...

    Diet is on point and i have alot of experience with supplements as well as quite a bit with ph/ds But im done with that bull****. Its too expensive.. sure i see gains but what like 10 lbs for like 200... vs paying around 200 for serious gains in strength.

    I guess i wanted to know what the best beginner stack would be everything i've seen seems to be pointing at a 12 week stack of test-e at 500mg a week... with 1-8 deca at 400mg..

    Now two questions about that.. would it still be worth it if i wanted to do test-e only?

    as far as Pct goes... I have nolva, arimidex, clomid, and letro

    as far as i know the letro is for severe side effects of gyno only... but the others will nolva be sufficient pct for test-e only or even the test-e deca cycle? And what is the dosing 40/20/20/10?

    Using supports cel cycle assist and pct assist... preloading cycle assist 2 weeks before.

    This cycle is not being run until mid june...

    One other question... would it be worth it to run anavar on the test to reduce water retention? or even something like a d/s

  2. subd

    im planning my 1st cycle right now
    Eat clean, piss dirty

  3. it is a very good first cycle to run test-e and it would still be worth it to run it alone. your receptors are like brand new to this stuff so you should see alot of positives. if it was me i would just run the test for a first just so u can get the feel for everything ya no?

    your pct to me looks fine for a test only cycle. make sure u use pct assist towards the end of pct.
    letro is just mainly used for treating gyno, so it is of no use in this cycle presently.

    as for bloat, you could use anavar, however since you already have arimidex, use that at about .5mgs EOD or .25mgs ED during the cycle. this will keep bloat down. bloat will also be contributed to your diet as well, so make sure it is clean and you keep up cardio if you do it.

  4. thx i realy only wanted to run the test anyway... baby steps.

    Little confused on the arimidex dosing.. ed eod?

  5. o sorry.

    ED= everyday
    EOD= every other day

  6. Ok i see the point of using the arimidex...but wouldn't i get more out of the cycle if i added the var? And as much as i have read on Var it kinda looks awesome... and i have easy access to it.

  7. Test only is often recommended for a first cycle because (1) test is usually the foundation for all cycles and, probably more importantly, (2) you don't know how you will respond to aas so don't mix multiple compounds or you won't know what is causing any problems.

  8. anavar is fine to use for your first cycle... u have two options.. weeks 1-6 or weeks 9-14.. it really is up to you.. vars not the best kickstart.. if your bulking just get some d-bol..much cheaper and better for bulking

  9. Not bulking... starting the cycle at the start of the summer.. really just looking to stay lean and gain str.

    Everything i've read about d-bol makes me want to stay away....

    So whats my best option... take the anavar weeks 1-6 or do the arimidex eod


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