Sust-Tren Question?

  1. Sust-Tren Question?

    so i finally got my test, I was planing on get test-e but could only get sust 250..My question is it ok too mix sust and tren-e in the same shot? e3 day the norm for shoot'n sust?

  2. if they r both oil based go for it. that way you only hafta pin twice a week.
    my understanding is sust250 and tren e are pinned like test e. pin both on monday and thursday or something like that.

  3. With sustanon I would go at least e3d if not eod to utilized the prop.

  4. personally i'd likely go EOD on the sust 2x on the tren e. Is the sust in amps or a vial? if its a vial, i'd break it into 3 doses, probably M W Sat and dose the tren on M + S. if its amps you are kinda stuck with 1ml per shot, so then i'd just do M/Th for both so you aren't going to 750.

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