underdosed amp(s)...does it matter?

  1. underdosed amp(s)...does it matter?

    I've been reading previous experiences with a certain source and everyone has been saying the amps are underdosed by about .2 ml or maybe a lil less. I know everything is quantatative when it comes to mg/ml, but how much would it make a difference just to inject myself w/ .8ml instead of the full 1ml?

  2. depends what the compound is. what r u using?

  3. Make sure all the oil has settled to the bottom before you snap the top off. I noticed if I let the amps sit on a flat surface and make sure all the oil has dropped that I get a full 1ml out of each amp.

  4. do the math (im guessing ur using 250mg/ml test e, c or sust)

    1ml = 250mg
    .8ml = 200mg

    thats 100mg per week ur missing out on, to me that would be a noticeable difference in gains.

    unless infact that that .8ml is holding 250mg in it, so technically its overdosed

  5. Test e is what was referred to.

    I will definitely be OCD when it comes to getting all the oil to the bottom of the amp. I'm paying $4-7 an amp, so I'm definitely gonna be getting the most of it.

    Hopefully the amps are "overdosed" so I wouldn't have to worry about not getting the most outta them



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