Masteron Enth+Anavar = Good cycle?

  1. Masteron Enth+Anavar = Good cycle?

    Don't these compliment each other well in that they are opposites to a degree?

    10 week Cycle
    400 Test Enth/week
    250 Test Enth/week
    50 mg/Var (Weeks 3-10 = 8 weeks)

    Sound good?

  2. u didnt list mast in ur cycle. im guessing its the one dosed 250mg/week? if so, that dose is waaaaaaaay too low. needs to be run 400mg minimum.

    what are ur goals for this cycle?


    10 week Cycle
    400 Mast Enth/week
    250 Test Enth/week
    50 mg/Var (Weeks 3-10 = 8 weeks)

    Sound good?

    Re-comp, lean mass, drop bfat (diet is perfect)

  4. make it an all out cutter and you're g2g.

    that's light for a mass cycle.

  5. Are Masteron and Var complimentary or is this a poorly designed cycle
    Also, couldnt I just use Proviron instead?

  6. Shouldn't the test be higher too?


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