test prop and anavar cycle

  1. test prop and anavar cycle

    first cycle
    Hey goin to start the cycle in 3 weeks have all pct hcg nolva
    my question is hoy bad are the side effects with test prop???

  2. You'll find out in a little over 3 weeks.... In general, sides are lower with it than other forms of test.

  3. hahahah yes I will, hope acne would not be so bad

  4. really depends on dose. There is no difference in terms of overall testosterone level from taking 412mg of test cyp vs 344mg of prop. The more frequent pinning will slightly reduce fluctuation in levels reducing sides some, but there is no real reason you couldn't pin cyp EOD as well for that effect

  5. yes cause I was planing to pin 75 mg EOD and 30 of var
    so how many pins a week would it be?
    sorry its my first cycle

  6. 3.5 cause one week will be Mon Wed Fri Sun and the following will will then be Tues Thurs Sat and repeat. So over 2 weeks it will be 7 injects.

  7. ok thanxs

  8. Hey just got my anavar from my source and its from india *** labs 10mg anyone heard of thin lab and is it good quality?

  9. i just actually did this cycle. 150mgs of prop EOD and i started at 75 mgs of anavar, but then went to 100. about an 8 week cycle. its great, leaned out really well. acne got bad on my back towards the end. other than that, no sides at all for me.

  10. really hope I get acne only in my back and not in my face haha, just waiting on my test prop hope my gear wont be junk.

  11. in my opinion prop and similar short esters are best shot every day... most stability of levels, and since this is your first, you will get plenty of practice pinning. 2 weeks in, it will be practically second nature to you, and if you're like me... you'll be waking up in the morning with a grin ready to pin


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