First Cycle SD/Test - Opinions and help are welcomed!

  1. First Cycle SD/Test - Opinions and help are welcomed!

    So this is my first cycle with real gear and I want to give you guys my plans thus far and hopefully get some helpful feedback. I'm open to changes in diet, routine, dosages and even compounds if its not too expensive for me to adjust. So here's what I've got:

    Stats: I'm a smaller guy but I truly believe I'm well beyond my "natural" weight as this point. I'm 5'4" and 155lbs sitting around 12-13% bodyfat (although the BF is really a guestimate) Some say I'm less than that but I'd rather be modest than to fudge it.

    AAS/PH history: No AAS in the past, but 3 cycles of PH's consisting of Tren-X, Tren-X/Epi/Bold, Tren-X/Epi/H-Drol. All cycles usually lasted about 4-6 weeks. For those who dont know, Tren-X is a 19-Nor compound which is said to be something in b/w Trenbolone and Nandrolone, which I believe is accurate. From what I understand the muscle hardness/pumps are much like Trenbolone as well as the sides, but muscle gains and strength are more like a high dose of Nandrolone ~ Just my take.

    PCT/Ancillary experience: Nolva/Clomid/Formestane and TRS from PP -typically used Formestane on cycle and Nolva/Clomid during PCT

    Now to the good stuff - The Cycle

    Compounds: Primordial Performance LV Superdrone (Superdrol) + Test C

    Note: I've never used SD. I've never used Test. Both new compounds for me.

    Weeks 1-4 SD 10/10/20/20 May not even need to bump to 20
    Weeks 1-12 Test C 500mg/wk pinning twice/wk Mon & Thurs
    Weeks 3-12 hCG 500iu/wk pinning twice/wk same days as Test

    I've also been debating on adding whats left of my Tren-X to the last 3 weeks of the cycle perhaps 80mg/day to help lean out a bit. Just a thought.

    Aromasin or Formestane on cycle haven't decided which yet

    If I go with Form I will most likely keep it b/w 50-75mg/day to help keep me "dry" and as I approach the end of my cycle I will taper it off. I hear good things about Exema but I haven't personally tried it nor do I have a supplier at the moment. However, I'd be willing to give it a shot if its that much better than Form.

    I will be taking CEL Cycle Assist normal dose 2 weeks prior to cycle start as well as first 6 weeks 4/4/4/4/4/4 and also will be taking normal dose of PP's Liver Juice while on SD just for added comfort of no liver damage.


    Clomid Weeks 14-17 70/70/70/70 or maybe 70/70/35/35
    Nolva Weeks 14-17 20/20/10/10
    TRS Weeks 14-17

    Take 3-4 months off afterward with no hormones..


    Breakfast – 3 eggs, 1 strip bacon, 1 pouch of instant oatmeal, Gatorade or water

    Mid-morning Snack- Half serving of weight gainer

    Pre- lunch protein shake

    Lunch – 8 oz grilled chicken or baked tilapia, loaded baked potato, and soft drink

    Mid-afternoon Snack – Apple or banana + protein shake

    Lunch 2- 8 oz grilled chicken or baked tilapia, seasoned broccoli, cup of lima beans.

    Pre-dinner Snack- Protein Shake

    Dinner- 8 oz top sirloin char-broiled in oven, 2 table-spoons of olive oil, water
    Bed-Time Snack- Casein Protein Shake + 8 oz water

    Total Calories ~ 2800-3000
    Total Protein ~ 285 grams

    I'll post up training later. I'm open to thoughts. You guys can use me as a guinea pig if you like on diet/training with this stuff.


    +15lbs muscle. I hope to see this with the SD alone and just hold the gains with Test. Hey, if I keep gaining after the Test kicks in then great! I really wanna hit 170lbs in a lean fashion. Its ok if my BF doesn't decrease, but I just don't want it to increase.

    So far my body measurements are:

    Arms ~ 15"
    Legs ~ 22"
    Chest ~ 41"
    Waist ~ 30"

    I'd like to see a couple inches of growth in all areas before this time next year.

    Before any of you guys start bashing me please, please, please take a look at my height before commenting on my weight. Just realize that 185lbs on me would look something like 250lbs on a 6' man. I'm not weak but I'm obviously not as strong as a heavy weight bodybuilder/power-lifter. But I can bench near 300lbs, squat and dead-lift well beyond 300 (somewhere around 325-350lbs) and I can comfortably do 100lb DB rows with good form to give some of you an idea. I'm not the strongest, but I wont let someone pick on me because I'm shorter and in general smaller.

  2. Your cycle looks good man, we aint gonna bash your weight; your height/weight ratio is good. If you gain 20+lbs off of cycle, you are gonna be a scary lookin dude at your height..

  3. Anybody got any input, comments or advice?

  4. Stick to your diet, workout hard. Everything looks good man!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fueledpassion View Post
    Anybody got any input, comments or advice?
    dont run SD for 4 weeks straight. do 2 week bursts like this
    1-10 test 500mg/week
    1-2 SD 10 or 20mg/day
    4-6 SD 10 or 20mg/day

  6. More protein at breakfast.

  7. No, you want to run the SD 4 weeks straight with a long ester like that IMO... I would bump to 20 your second week, and so on. I hit 30mg my third week with no sides or lethargy, but I also believed my SD was under dosed to begin with..


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