Blood in syringe

  1. Blood in syringe

    I just did a shot and afterward i noticed a couple of tiny drops of blood in the syringe. I aspirated and didn't notice any blood just a bubble.should I be worried?

  2. Nope; you probably went through a tiny vessel on the way in or out.

  3. Ok, Thanks man. Never had that happen before.

  4. yeah, no biggie, as steve said. It happens from time to time. I had one time where I hit my quad with a 1.5" needle, aspirated and got nothing, and when I pulled out LITERALLY blood squirted out about 3" till i put some pressure on it. must have clipped a near the surface vein fairly seriously on the way in, but since the injection point was so much deeper I aspirated and got nothing.

    fwiw seems that facial acne cleanser, the type with salicylic acid, cleans damp blood out of grey carpet pretty damn well was the closest thing I had handy that seemed reasonable to use and damn if you can't tell where the spot was.

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