Safest type of gear on the kidneys

  1. Safest type of gear on the kidneys

    What types of gear are the least taxing on the kidneys?

  2. Winny, Fina, and Prop never caused any kidney damage in my case. Of course they may not apply to everyone, just food for thought.

    The kidneys can undergo more possible strain during certain anabolic steroid intake. Kidneys are involved in some of the filtration and excretion systems of the body, and as such, when a foreign substance is administered, they necessarily work harder. Some steroid users have noticed very dark urine when on a cycle, and this is indicative of the kidneys working overtime to accomplish their goal. One of the major offenders of this seems to be Tren, which turns the user's urine a very dark color unless enough water is taken in daily. The possibility of side effects is dependant on both dose as well as compounds administered. Some steroids (Nandrolone) are even used to help treat people with Kidney problems. So clearly, they aren't as bad as they're made out to be with regards to possible kidney issues.

  3. Interesting. Ive never heard that about nandrolone. Im sure it wasnt at the doses we take though haha

    What about Anavar?
    And the most basic of all - Test?

    How "stressful/taxing" on the kidneys are these drugs in mild/moderate doses?

  4. If your not abusing the anabolics, then there isn't much to worry about. The reason people get kidney failure from the use of Steroids is simple, because they abuse it. Take the correct precautions when dealing with this stuff and you'll be golden bro.

  5. I'd be willing to add that the majority of kidney related stress and failure for steroid users in the body building world is contributed to the large amounts of pain killers used by most.

  6. Good call fellas.

    Without trying to belabor this issue, I sure would like to know which are the the worst.

    With respect to the cardiovascular system/heart, anxiety, balding, the liver, nut atrophy, we have our answers.

    But when it comes to the kidneys, other than tren (discoloring of the urine), it isnt discussed much whatosover and the kidneys are VERY fragile and NOT resiliant so there is a reason to be responsible and knowlegdeable!!

    I'd like to avoid the very bad ones for the kidney as well.


    Seems the link is vague at best and misleading at worst... Almost every life long steroid user that i've spoken with or have known were users of many things like, alcohol, pain killers, rec drugs and depression type drugs.

    What drugs are harmful to your kidneys?
    Pain Medications
    Your kidneys could be damaged if you take large amounts of over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen (LINK to analgesics). None of these medicines should be taken daily or regularly without first talking to your doctor. Thousands of Americans have destroyed their kidneys by using excessive amounts of these medications.

    Heavy drinking can hurt both your kidneys and your liver. Alcoholics have a high risk of developing both kidney and liver failure.

    Antibiotics can also be dangerous if they are not taken correctly. People with kidney disease need to take a smaller amount of antibiotics than people with healthy kidneys. Take only medicines ordered for you by your doctor.

    Illegal Drugs
    Most street drugs, including heroin, cocaine and ecstasy can cause high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and even death, in some cases from only one use. Cocaine, heroin and amphetamines also can cause kidney damage

  8. Very nice. Thank you JayH.

    What is the reason pain killers and aspirin, etc are bad. I take a crap-ton of fish oil and vitamin E (blood thinners) since they are similar in effect, I hope Im not trashing my kidneys!?!?

    I dont touch pain meds, not even OTC and drink very very sparingly.

  9. Just the way the body breaks them down to remove them. I don't know how they effect your kidneys or liver or at what dose. However, if you have access to a lab i'd get a urine and blood work up to see where you're at now. It isn't a bad idea even if you're not taking anything from time to time.

  10. YUP. Already do. Thanks Jay

  11. Pain killers and diuretics have been the bane of BBing for quite some time.

    I'd also avoid anything that really spikes the BP as this can have detrimental effects on the kidney.

  12. Damn, haven't seen that name for a while.... How's it going Dinobot?

  13. Excellent point on the blood pressure!!

    As far as the pain killers, what is the reason pain killers and aspirin, etc are bad. I take a crap-ton of fish oil and vitamin E (blood thinners) since they are similar in effect, I hope Im not trashing my kidneys!?!?

  14. Well, I should say I haven't seen you in this transformation for a while

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Damn, haven't seen that name for a while.... How's it going Dinobot?
    Been hanging in South America for about 2 years now. Saved up a lot of money and went on a trip. I'm dark enough to blend in so I didn't have any extra risk of getting mugged down in Brazil, Columbia, etc.

    Everyone should go to Rio at some point in there life. The food is amazing!!


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