BEST cycle gains

  1. BEST cycle gains

    whats up! just wondering what was you best cycle, what you used, and pounds gained. My best had to be my first. I used denkal t400 400mg/wk, denkal deca 200mg/wk, and paper bol @ 30ed for 4 weeks. I ran the cycle for 10 weeks, gained 7 lbs in the first week and 20 lbs by the end of the cycle. I went from 170 to a 190 lb freak! And the best thing no sides. It is said that your first will always be the best!

  2. No one wants to talk to me? CRAP I HAVE NO FRIENDS!

  3. well someone posted almost the exact same thread a day before you
    Favorite Cycles

    so i'm disinclined to answer the same thing twice you see. Best = favorite to me.
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  5. I'm too old to understand all the new stuff going around so I posted in the OLD SCHOOL FORUM. I got some catching up to do.



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