Real Nolvadex? Pictures..

  1. Real Nolvadex? Pictures..

    So I don't have to start PCT for 2 weeks, so I would like to find out sooner or later if my Nolvadex is infact the real thing..

    These are supposed to be 20mg Nolvadex; got them from my friend who is usually a reliable source.

    They are diamond shaped white/cream colored pills that say A | X on one side and nothing on the other..

    I will post pictures in a bit when my camera is working.. but you get the idea.

  2. Nevermind, just found out that it's Nolvadex from ---- labs

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rothyman View Post
    Nevermind, just found out that it's Nolvadex from ===========
    edit the lab name

  4. you can check the batchs and what not on that company's home page
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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