Test P - 8 week recomp/lean bulk

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  1. that is a WICKED stack man. updates are interesting to see, thanks. I've had great luck stacking IGF with AAS. With protein synthesis turned up so high I really think some of these peptides effects are being amplified.

    How is the sleep on those peptides? IGF always makes me feel a little less rested when I wake up and I seem to have less vivid dreams, but i'm not a great sleeper anyway so hard to say.

    I"m NOT an expert in clen/T3/etc but from what you are on I'd be hesitant to add more. You never know how they are all interacting inside your body. I'd rather just throw in extra cardio than add more. That's just me though and ask me again in spring and i'll probably be on all sorts of **** at once. hahah

  2. well...

    i havn't started the igf just yet, as i was planing on only using it during pct. i have 1mg. i could get more. i've heard how wicked it is on cycle so maybe thats something i dont wana pas up but well see. right now the peptide dept only consists of the ghrp6 and frag 176... occasional melanotan
    i'm a sh*t sleeper too... i believe it's from blazing honestly, there's studies that say your sleep isn't as effective. not really a problem for me though... just slam the snooze button until i feel good enough to get my ass up. otherwise sleep is fine, normal you know. today i noticed some lethargy but ate it away. it kinda helps me keep the intake high.... i get sleepy, eat, then there's more gas in the tank and i feel better.

    i'm doing my best to take weekly pics, simple front and back, 7 days apart frm eachother. missed last week, but you should be able to see the progression when its all done.

  3. question???

    since i just threw in a progestin this week, should i go clomid all the way in pct? or both nolva/clomid combo. I've recovered fine from a 6week epi/'tren' run a while ago, with clomid. I'm obviously gonna be a bit shut down, especially after the inclusion of the prodien. I was also thinking about giving toremifene a shot since i've heard so many great things... would torem be applicable for use after using progestins in the way that clomid is? everything is here already, i was just giving a little thought into pct now that i've put a progestin in the mix. I think im gonna have to get my feet wet with some trenbolone next time around, if i can handle the sides that is. that and SD; 2 things i've always been sh*t scared of, but are on my list of things to do some day

  4. i've ran torem before and am on nolva clomid now and it's tough to say but i think i prefer the nolva/clomid combo. I feel like the half life of Xtren is much longer than commonly understood though, when I went off it I could feel huge pumps for 4+ days after my last pill. I was feeling so good I was like "damn, this PCT is great! still feels like i'm on cycle!" then day 5 came around and i can certainly feel my body's lack of anabolism now....

    running a little IGF on cycle isn't a bad idea, just make sure you have at least a month of No IGF before you start it up again in PCT.

    I hear you on tren too, that stuff was BRUTAL. But I may give it another run at much lower doses now that I'm more knowledgeable.... kickstarted with SD of course...hahaha

  5. Neverstop that is pretty common for me, i've noticed that my strength peaks around day 5 post cycle, for those few days it feels like i'm still on cycle, but after day 5 it goes downhill fast

    that **** is brutal... i'm not giving tren another try!
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  6. haaaa funny. i definitely have felt like that in pct before too.

    yea i aint looking to lengthen my intestines to the circumference of the equator... so realistically there's no way i can use the igf ON cycle because i will not have enough time off before using it in pct.

    i'm going home for turkey day (extremely pointless holiday, but schools off so i'll take it). im gonna be taking two flights; one home and one back down to school. leaving wednesday and returning on sunday. so technically i could get by with bringing 3 days worth of oil on the plane (th,fr,sat; assuming wednesday i shoot here, and sunday i shoot again after returning). safer bet would bring 4 days worth just in case.

    i've got plenty of experience bringing vials of peptides, hundreds of syringes, capsules and pills out the ass, research chem liquids, even some budsky from time to time while traveling. never have i had a problem. checked luggage is the way to go.

    here's my question: do i load up 4 days worth of 70mg prop / 50mg mast into one sterile vial, or do I just preload the syringes? Im thinking the former over the latter; the preloaded syringes could get pushed while in transit and i could lose all my oil for the weekend. the single vial i think is more nonchalant, and allows me to reeeeally pack the **** out of the rigs and pins... opinions? it will be in a bag filled with maybe 25% clothing, 75% supplements and such

  7. CLASS III drug=same level as cocain.....get the picture to other people out there your just as bad as the blood sucking dealer if caught gotta love the system innocent till proven guilty

  8. Quote Originally Posted by standoe3 View Post
    CLASS III drug=same level as cocain.....get the picture to other people out there your just as bad as the blood sucking dealer if caught gotta love the system innocent till proven guilty
    don't even get me started on the system... i wouldn't stop if I started... thats for the politics section and another day

    how bout this...
    would injecting a hefty shot of cyp or ent right before heading to the airport work to keep 'semi' stable levels for 3 days ? is this possible? would it work?

  9. RELAX buddy... i have no experience with cyp or enth so no, i dont know. which is why i asked. why the **** is that so outrageous to ask. thanks for the answer though...

  10. research it but i think most will agree that once you have started a cycle to keep the injection time the same to keep stable test levels. but as far as how to get it through your on your own buddy goodluck

  11. yo if i wrote that i actually went and did it it'd be one thing, but i did not and don't plan to. neither did i plan on having to take this flight. it's got more to do with a family emergency than the holiday, and had this **** not be happening right now i wouldn't have to even be thinking about this 3 day period; this wasnt some impulsively ran **** cycle, nor is it being run by some moron with no research under his belt like you think

    Life is about facing adversity. I did not plan for my cousin to just suddenly come down with cancer at 31 years old bro. All I'm trying to do is react, and keep on keepin on with my life as best i can; school, my work, my happiness, and the gym... thats all.

    i want this thread to exist as a way for people to help me while at the same time helping them. if you don't like it, leave.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    No one asked for a sob story. Telling you how it is.
    not a sob story. it's reality. i'm telling you how it is.

    to reiterate - if you don't like it... get out, and kindly go piss on someone else's thread.

    I'm done... hope you've had your fill mr gixx

  13. just wondering what ur thoughts are in terms of using the fragment176-191 along with ghrp6 , does the framgment help in any way towards the hunger fits of ghrp6 or not?


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