Winter/pre contest cycle

  1. Winter/pre contest cycle

    I will be starting this cycle Sunday November 29th in preparation for my second NPC, March 20th. Here is the layout:

    Wk 1-16 Test-e 500mg
    Wk 1-5 Dbol 50mg ed
    Wk 6-16 Tren-e 300mg
    Wk 12-16 Winny 50mg ed
    Wk 1-16 adex .5mg eod

    No pct as I will be cruising afterwards at 250mg of test-e weekly. All Axio products. Thoughts or feedback welcomed as always ~freq~

  2. If it were me...
    I would drop the test three weeks out, up the tren a little the last four weeks, up the adex to 1mg everyday a few weeks out, and not sure what winstrol you're running but if it's oral then up your dose to 70-80mg a day.

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