sustanon cycle question

  1. sustanon cycle question

    So I've been taking sustanon 300 2x Wk (Fri and Mon).

    I'm in the middle of my 6th week and I ran out of my bottle.

    I got my last shot about a week ago (Monday). I'm going to pickup my 2nd bottle tomorrow. Can I just start shooting like I was before and not worry about it? I would start taking nolvadex but I know I shouldn't start my PCT till 3 wks after my last shot.

    BTW, I plan to finish my 2nd bottle which would put me at about 10.5wks total.

  2. it has a variety of esters in it obviously what happened is going to cause some more visual side effects cause ur not keeping the levels stable. u do have 2 medium length and 1 long ester in there so u probably wont be terribly ****ed up. i dont think it will necessarily help u, but its not too bad. Hope ur using HCG if ur on a 10 week cycle. dont touch the nolva now if u start getting nip sensitivity then yes but otherwise no. just try and get that **** ASAP and next time buy enough for an entire cycle. this isnt too bad but if u where using something like test p u would be in a whole different world and it would be much more serious.

  3. So I picked up the bottle today. Decided to shoot 1.5ml instead of my regular 1ml to makeup for the difference (whatever call it a freakin stupid move, i did it). Thinking about shooting 1.5 on Friday then going back to my reg 1.0 till the end of the cycle.

    YES I have noticed visually I don't look as hard.. my nipples arent as hard as they were before (not puffy, just firm). Strength wise I'm a little weaker, but still strong as anything.

    Hopefully this shot kicks in the next few days so I'm back to normal.

    Also, I went to the gym today and I was feeling PRETTY light headed.. hoping it was just me going into test depression or soemthiong.

  4. u should be back to normal very soon. there is a short ester in there so it shouldnt be too bad.

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