Toxicity of liquid orals vs. tabs/pills

  1. Toxicity of liquid orals vs. tabs/pills

    Is the toxicity the same, to me liquid orals don't seem to effect the liver the same way as tabs, since its liquid and all.

  2. you would be wrong, its all the same. 50mg of dbol is 50mg dbol to your liver, no matter how its packaged

  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    you would be wrong, its all the same. 50mg of dbol is 50mg dbol to your liver, no matter how its packaged
    I figured since the structure is still the same, just seems less harsh since liquid gets disolved under your tongue, where as a tab is physically broken down inside.

  4. Easy is right, 50mg of compound X is the same toxicity whether its solid in a pill or in solution. The only difference is pills have binders holding the solid compound together into a shape, and liquids have solvents holding the compound in solution.

    Boggs, liquid orals are ORAL, you drink them... When you say under your tongue that's sublingual, that's a different delivery system, and that would not negate the harshness of oral steroids! I don't know what solvent they're in but if they're like research chems, they taste far too horrible for the sublingual method anyway
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  5. generally the liquid ones are in PEG 300 or 400, sometimes with alcohol added.

    Sublingual is different, but in the end not that different sadly. What sublingual does for some compounds is make them more bioavailable. But 17a steriods are already as bioavailable as they can be so making them sublingual doesn't do much. Now taking something like 1-T or 1AD or even Testosterone without an ester and making it sublingual will make it a lot more available than orally

  6. O ok, that makes since, so if I take my liquid var (suspended in PEG 400), it doesn't matter if its under my tongue or just swallowed? Thanks for your replys guys.

  7. It shouldn't make a huge difference either way.

    For true sublinguals they are made with cyclodextrin, a compound that has a similar molecular shape to flattened buckyballs this is what they look like

    so the idea is that the chemical you want to deliver ends up with a molecule of it going into the donut hole of the cyclodextrin, and the cyclodextrin transports it across the lining of the mouth and then falls apart leaving the active molecule to roam free in your bloodstream.

  8. Curious, what compounds are made to be used sublingual?

  9. Really i've only seen a few. 1-t was, 4ad was, i've seen testosterone and stanazol. I think I saw nandrolone too. whats hard with sublingual is getting much more than 25mg in a dose just doesn't absorb well

  10. I have heard of sublinguals being sprayed up the nasal cavity too. heard it was pretty harsh on the lining though. I read somewhere that liquid win bound better when it was taken orally than when it was pinned...but f course that never stopped me from pinning it. someone correct me if Im wrong.


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