Test + NPP + Masteron Lean Bulk questions

  1. Test + NPP + Masteron Lean Bulk questions

    What are your guys thought on a lean bulk using Test + NPP + Masteron? I read on another board that a user thought the combination was like tren without the side effects

    For those of you that have used Masteron how did you find it for hair loss?

    What i have planned is the following:

    Weeks 1-8
    Aratest (Test E 200mg + Test Prop 75mg) 550mg weekly
    NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) 400mg Weekly
    Masteron Prop 400mg Weekly

    Weeks 9 & 10
    Mdrol 10mg ED

    Was planning on running HCG 250iu x 2 each week from week 1 - 10


    Weeks 1-4
    Clomid 50,50,25,25
    Toremifene 75,50,50,25
    Primodial Performance Testosterone Recovery Stack

    Thoughts anyone?

  2. running sust/mast-e right now and adding NPP as soon as it gets to me....sa far so good. mast is great for hardening.

    as for hairloss, i dont think im prone to it, but i do notice SLIGHT shedding only when i run my hands through my hair. i have very very thick hair and its the longest its been in about 10 years

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