Test prop/tren acetate and d-bol or t-bol?

  1. Test prop/tren acetate and d-bol or t-bol?

    Looking for opinouns on what to run for my next cycle, main goals would be to ideally gain between 8-10lbs of keepable mass with some additional muscle maturity, while dropping 1-2% body fat. Definetly shooting to gain as much strength as possible and hopefully keeping most of my strength gain post cycle. Strength and muscle maturity is more of an important factor to me then weight gain althought i would like to put on some decent weight that im able to keep.

    I have heard that the combo of dbol tren and test is a fantastic cycle and you feel absolutely amazing on it. Although I know t-bol is usually considered a top choice along with anavar as a great compound to gain maintainable weight on a recomp with minimal water weight and minimal stress on the liver.

    These would be the cycle plans i have thus far:
    *armidex and dostinex on hand if needed
    hcg 2x weekly at 500iu

    Weeks 1-8 75mg test prop daily
    weeks 1-6 50mg tren acetate daily
    weeks 1-4 40mg dbol daily
    Weeks 1-8 75mg test prop daily
    weeks 1-6 50mg tren acetate daily
    weeks 1-6 50mg or 60mg tbol daily

    clomid: 50/50/50/50
    nolva: 40/40/20/20

    Looking for feed back from people who have run a similiar cycle, any input on t-bol would also be appreciated from people who had good gains with it, as i used it on my last test cycle and was not too impressed although qulaity issues could be possible.

  2. I would run your first cycle if it were me.. I would save the t-bol for another cycle... You cant go wrong with test and dbol.. I have ran it a dozen times or better, adding in the tren will just make your strength and fat loss crazy.. Tren is a beast as long as you can handle it..

    In all honesty you cant go wrong with either cycle bro.. Both of them will yield outstanding results as long as your diet is in check and if that is you in your avatar I know you have your diet in check brother.. the dbol will add water whereas the t-bol will not, so that will have to be a personal choice.. Of course with the addition of an AI water would/should not be an issue..

    I have tbol here, althogh I have never ran it.. I always use dbol instead.. I keep telling myself I will use it on a mild recomp deal, however I never ended up doing it yet..

    Well crap, I was not allot of help at all was I.. No water, run the tbol.. You are going to gain easily 10 lbs off of the test alone in my opinion, so anything over top that will be a bonus for you

  3. I would do dbol and use a relatively clean diet
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  4. Thanks guys i appreciate the help.. my diet is clean year around.. i tend to keep carbs relatively low always as im pretty carb sensitive and i bloat up and hold a ton of water when i eat to many carbs even if they have a low GI,, diet is structured with carbs with my first meal and before and after workouts only with lots of healthy fats, i eat alot of fish year round as well as a good amount of leaner cut red meats when im bulking.
    I would probably eat about 500-700 calories over maintenace on this cycle. Im sitting at about 206lbs right now with body fat around 9%, I would definetly be happy to finish this cycle at 215 That avatar picture was me at my biggest but def not my best.. i was around 227 then with about 17-19% fat.. i like staying lean and not getting too much over 10%..i feel like the muscle u put on at a lower bodyfat is more keepable and looks alot better. I am definetly hoping to add some nice muscle density as well as muscle maturity.

    Thank you for the responses, appreciate the help.

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