A mistake I will only make once.

  1. A mistake I will only make once.

    Did an injection tonight of straight b-12 plus a b-complex mixture........finishing up my PCT. I forgot to switch the needles before pinning! The needle I pinned with went through 2 rubber stoppers......it's safe to say that I noticed the difference immediately.

    I always wondered how much of a difference it really makes...and now I know. Thought I would share.


  2. I use an 18g for drawing, so hopefully i don't make the same mistake
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  3. ouch! even using little slin pins with iGF get really dull after drawing the igf, then drawing water, then pinning one side, and then pinning the other....

    damn near feels like pushing a paper clip into your tricep by the last shot!! fyck!

  4. I know this thread is old. but Holy God that must have hurt!

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