40mg anavar

  1. 40mg anavar

    Got enough var to do 4 weeks at 40mg just wondering what the best way is to maximize the results with this dosage.

    Should I take it all at once or thru out the day?

    Right before work out or after?

    with food or with out?

    and should I tapor on and off or just start right at 40 and end at 40?

  2. 40mg daily of var is pretty mild. The half life is around 9-12 hours so twice per day dosing is best. No need to taper.
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  3. i started at 40mg...saw nothing...went to 50...got some pretty good strength and results...bumped it to 75mgs...o yeah thats right where it needs to be. great lipolysis, great strength, vascularity, amazing pumps.

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