1,4 AD and Antibiotics?

  1. 1,4 AD and Antibiotics?

    Hey there, didn't know where elese to ask this. I just got a script for some antibiotics and I'm on a 1,4 cycle. I'm wondering do I continue on the 1,4 or will the antibiotics destroy it in my body?. I'd really like to continue....

  2. Anyone?. Help me out.

  3. BUMP!!! i got prescribed antibiotics for a toe infection yesterday!

    would NOT like this to mess up my epi/plex stack

  4. I haven't taken any yet, really I don't feel too sick. Except that today on my cardio I couldn't do more than 40 minutes. Usually I do 1 hour 5 days a week. I go on the LifeCycle Eliptical and keep the RPM up to 77-80 but never below 77. Keep my heart rate between 172-180. I take a 30-60 second break every ten minutes.

  5. I wouldn't think it would make a difference with the anti-biotics. I mean 1,4 ad converts to a hormone and I wouldn't think anti-biotics would attack something that is supposed to be normaly in the body. Really I have no clue though...Just guessing. So any help would be great.

  6. Hey there Ju1cedUp, I found a study on this. Well not exactly, but I wouldn't worry about the antibiotics effecting your cycle after reading this.


    I'm sure it could be applied to both our situations though.


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