HCG life and Cyp PCT ?s

  1. HCG life and Cyp PCT ?s

    whats up guys, i have 2 questions

    1. what is the shelf life of HCG? i have some that is old, like 1.5 years old and would like to use it even if its weak now, but not if it goes "bad" and will be harmful to me. still looks normal.

    2. how long after my last shot of test Cyp should i begin PCT? i'm only doing ~500mg a week, the way i've modeled out the half lifes of my shots, it seems like i'll be at 62mg of test in my body even 4 weeks after my last shot? if i use a 8 day half life (per pfizer). i don't want to try PCT when i still have test in my body as the more test in my body the less effective my PCT will be but 4 weeks is a long time.

  2. also, anyone know how long HCG lasts in your system? wondering how long i should wait after my last HCG shot to start PCT also.

    thanks everyeone

  3. HCG will last up to 4days in your system.

  4. thanks, thats great info, i'll wait 4 days after my last HCG shot to start up PCT. will be running Hdrol after my last test cyp shot too, so i'm planning on waiting 2 days after last oral too. want to be sure my system is clear before going into my PCT.

    any idea how long HCG lasts once its been reconstituted? i have another one that i never added water too and i believe it should be good for a long time?

  5. If you have the HCG mixed it will last up to 30 days or so in the refridgerator.

  6. so is this old HCG even worth using? ie: will it be half as potent or less maybe or will it have become some vial poison that will melt my eye balls?

    i'm down to use it still even if its super weak, but not if its spoiled.

  7. I wouldn't use the HCG. Not work risking your health. And I would start PCT 2 weeks after your last Cyp injection.


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