Nolva study

  1. Nolva study

    thought this link might help some...Nolvadex best T-booster of the SERMS

  2. Someone posted those figures in another thread. It's a good post, but it neglects Clomid, and instead compares Torem with Nolva and Raloxifene. I see Clomid used over and over again, whereas I never see raloxifene used.....ever. And I know I've read that clomid brings your T-levels back faster then both Nolva and Torem, I just don't remember where I read that. I'll search around for something.

  3. Clomid!!!!
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  4. so with these people who took these substances for the three month period and their test was raised significantly. what do you suspect will happen to their levels when they come off cycle? Go back to base line? Remain higher than usual? Be shot lower than start?

  5. clomid!

  6. There is also a precipitous dip on the third month, while toremifene continues to increase.
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