First cycle. need some critique.

  1. First cycle. need some critique.

    Sustanon 500 mg/week 1-12
    Deca 400mg/week 1-10
    Dbol 40mg ed week 1-5

    *Armidex ran on cycle every other day

    any suggestions to make this a better cycle? anything is welcome to help me out. im bulking by the way. trying to keep the bloating/water retention to a minimum but i know it just comes with the grounds.

  2. also when is the best time to take the AAS? im going to mix the sus/deca in the same syringe. should i take the dbol along with it as well?

  3. take your dbol twice a day or something, half in the morning and half an hour before you lift
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  4. thats ****ty that its going to be IM injectable. thats going to be alot of esterless, painful dbol shots. but whatever it takes to get hyuge!

  5. oh i forgot, you're getting IM dbol... I would just get the oral dbol if you can, it's easier to do. Any liver can handle 5 weeks of Dbol.
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  6. or he could just drink it couldn't he? it's still methylated right?

  7. Assuming its exactly the same compound, just in suspension (like Winstrol), then yea, drinking it shouldn't be a problem. Try not to taste it, it would probably taste like sh*t.

    Edit: it is the same compound. Bottoms up good sir.

  8. thats what I thought. I know i've seen the liquid dbol from mexico, and you could buy capsules to put it in to take it orally. all 17aamethyl.

  9. alright, i know what to do, buy whichever is cheaper and eat it, lol.
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  10. haha. luckly the liquid oral is cheaper. so to cut down on syringes and so forth im just going to buy the liquid oral methandrostenolone! im glad to hear that. id have to be switching up injection sites alot and im not flexible enought to be pluging my ass with needles. ill have to use the shoulder and outter thigh alot.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by TravisG View Post
    any suggestions to make this a better cycle?
    yeah, just run the sustanon, forget about the dbol + deca. If this is your first injectable thats more than enough and if dosed EOD no need for any kind of kickstart.

  12. But Easy, he's looking to GET ****ING HYOOOOOOOOOOOOGE.

    I mean, it is a bit much for a first injectable, i'll agree. But dbol and deca have been incorporated into first cycles for a long time. Deca is an excellent stacker because it's one of the best steroids for its anabolic attributes, just building real quality keepable LBM. And then the joint-lubricating properties will help with strength gain over the course of the cycle.

    When I ran test alone i was disappointed. It's my own fault, my expectations were too high. But although I got stronger from it, i didn't get much stronger, and I had a hard time putting on mass (and I was eating plenty... actually gained no weight...). My cycle was test prop 100mg ed for 6 weeks. Test is a good base, but for me personally I would never run it as a standalone again.

    Besides even if this is travis' first inject cycle it's not his first cycle by any means, PH and AAS are different but he does know how to deal with sides and all the chems to use so i'm sure he can handle it.
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  13. well, part of it is that its pretty easy to get sustanon in amps and be sure its human grade and whats on the label is whats in it, but deca + dbol get a lot of counterfeiting, a lot of deca is just test or test + eq I think, and a lot of dbol is just methyl-test. so even knowing which end is up in general, its safer to go with 750 a week of sus than 500 a week plus the deca/dbol

  14. 750 a week of the sustanon?

  15. I'm just saying that if for instance you were buying organon amps of the sustanon 250, you can be pretty sure its real human grade testosterone blend. With sus pinned EOD, there isnt much need for a kickstart like dbol as you'll see gains pretty quick from the short esters. Then figure deca outside of water retention is roughly as good as half as much test, doing 700 of test vs 500 test + 400 deca is about the same results wise BUT you can be a little more assured of human grade gear, and only have to worry about estrogen + dht sides rather than with adding the deca also be concerned with progesterone related sides.

    just a thought, i'm a big fan of not mixing and matching the first time you run something.

  16. I agree with running solos to see how your body responds to a certain compound but im pretty set and confident about this cycle. ive ran some ph cycles and know my deal on that so this AAS is new ground but im learning everyday about steroid profiles and so forth. im going to be taking A-dex every other day to help with the gyno and water retention. will A-dex help combat progestin based gyno or should i opt for some caber on that??

  17. probably bromocriptine or pramipexole are better choices, cabergoline isn't very stable the way research chem places sell it from what I understand

  18. cabergoline is some nasty stuff man, sooooo bad for you. i would never take that. i would up the dose on the deca and run it for less time, deca stays in your blood for ages and will get in the way of your PCT if you dont' give it AT LEAST 4 weeks to clear your system. same with the sust since i believe it has test enth in it. i would either cut out the deca or just take it for the first 5 weeks personally. i found deca to be pretty weak and all it really did was make my joints feel good and make me recover somewhat more quickly.

    also, with the sust and deca you can double load your first shot. dont be afraid to take 1000mg of sust a week for the first two weeks actually, it takes so long to ramp up due to all the different esters that its really not an issue. sust typically takes at least 3-4 weeks before you notice it, if you double up on your first few shots maybe 2-3 weeks.

    i will second these guys and say that 500-750mg of test and front load with dbol for 4-5 weeks is probably a better first cycle. deca sides are hard to diagnose and combat and you won't know which chemical to target if you get sides while your on both since the way you combat sides are totally different whether they are from the deca or the test. 750mg of test really isnt' that much if you are 200+ lbs too man, so don't worry about taking too much.

    my advice is:

    1000mg of sust for first 2 weeks, then 750mg a week for 10 weeks,
    and your dbol for 5 weeks.
    wait 4 weeks after your last test shot, start taking slightly more HCG and then start PCT.

    keep the deca for your next cycle.

    make sure you get some HCG and run it 250iu twice weekly throughout the cycle too, you will be sorry if you don't and the stuff is super cheap anyway.

    nolva is much better for reducing potential gyno too, arimidex does little for this.

    15-20lbs and maybe even reduce bf% should be pretty attainable if your diet is spot on and you work hard.

    be sure to keep a log with pics for everyone too!

  19. what is your PCT too? PCT is more important than your cycle you'll quickly find.


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