indian juice???

  1. indian juice???

    hey guys..
    my cousin is going to india very soon. do u ppl think indian stuff is good? im on my test cycle at the moment. n considering test plus deca for my next cycle. im not sure if i might be able to get hold of organon's deca (from holland). im sure i can get hold of organon's deca (the one that is made in pakistan). but i dont know y i dont wanna use paki/pakistani deca hehe..
    do u ppl think indian juice is good (specially deca)? does anyone here has experience with indian juice? the test that is got from my locality is thai stuff. i dont have any complains with it. its pretty good.

    thanks guys.
    take care.

  2. If it is real, it will be just as good as anything.

    Schering is good stuff too, from Paki.

  3. anything real is good
  4. Future
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    Should be fine. Just be sure you know the laws where you live. That being said, mailing it to you would be the best option.

  5. im a minority citizen of pakistan. there arent many regulations here. roids r easily available here. n im sure that getting roids cleared thru customs etc shouldnt be a prob here even if my cousin gets some indian roids.
    paki roids r much cheaper here in comparison to imported ones. ill find out which deca is available here. if im already getting good stuff here then i dont think there'll be a need to get them from india.
    thanks guys
    really appreciate the help.

  6. Future
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    bro.. the interesting thing here is that the prices in my town r much cheaper compared to those on the websites. the thai test prop named testolic that i bought from here (from a shop in karachi, pakistan) is 1.5 times less than the same thai testolic i saw at a website
    its probably becuz there arent many restrictions on roids that they r cheaper than usa n uk based websites n even those from your other sources

    but unfortunately.. ppl residing in usa cant even get their stock from countries like pakistan becuz of their strict laws. but i'll definitely recommend ppl residing in uk to get their stock from countries like india, pakistan, thailand etc if they ever visit these countries. prices will be better

  8. i just mean they r a bit overpriced in usa. n thats obviously becuz they arent legal.


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