Been on for 5 weeks, how much HCG should I use?

  1. Been on for 5 weeks, how much HCG should I use?

    Hi guys. I'm in my 5th week of an epistane/ trenadrol cycle and my HCG just arrived (took quite a while). Originally I planned on running 250iu 2x/wk up until PCT (in 3 more weeks), but since I've been on for a while I'm thinking that my first shot or two should be more. I was thinking 1000 iu for one or two shots and then continue with 250 twice a week until PCT. Sound solid?

  2. theres no need for HCG in an oral only cycle.

    but if u were to use it, then run 250iu 2x a week throughout

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    theres no need for HCG in an oral only cycle.

    but if u were to use it, then run 250iu 2x a week throughout
    Thanks for your reply. I agree that its probably not "necessary", but I've already got 5000iu and I feel like it will help my training during the rest of my cycle and will provide for a smoother recovery. I'm officially shut down, libido is very low and there is definite testicular atrophy. The epistane is also drying the crap out of my joints and its making it hard for me to workout. I'm a powerlifter and I have a meet in a week and a half. My last few workouts have been very painful as I have just finished the peak of my training cycle. Luckily there will only be very light training until the meet as I am now in the deload phase.

    Here is my rationale for using HCG at this time as far as training goes. I am hoping that if I can restore my natural test production, it will help with the dry joints caused by the epi. I'm hoping it will help a little with my strength as well. It may also allow me to gain a little more weight and allow for more glycogen synthesis (the tighter my gear fits, the more I'll lift). In other words I feel like I could benefit from a little testosterone and estrogen. I realize some Test E/prop would probably get the job done better, but its just not an option for me right now.

    As far as recovery goes, I'm hoping for a more gradual transition into PCT than I had for my last cycle. My last cycle was 1-T with SD then trenadrol for 6 weeks with clomid plus the TRS for PCT and I got the dreaded "rebound gyno". Seth Robert's book helped me figure out what caused this, and I've come to the conclusion that it would be better for me to taper off the epi and trenadrol while running HCG. The last week will be something like 20 mg epi ED along with HCG @250iu 2x/wk. I've been running torem at 30mg ED (the rebound gyno is noticeably better than when I began my cycle) and will up it to 60mg ED along with 50mg clomid as soon as I completely cut out androgens and HCG.

    So really my question is that since I'm already shut down, shouldn't I initially use a higher dose of HCG to tell my testes to take the F up? It seems like the longer you've been shut down, the more HCG is needed to stimulate the testes. I've heard of people using a single 10,000 iu injection for men who've been shut down for long periods of time, like if they've been on TRT. So what do you think, 1000 ius for the first couple shots followed by the normal 250 twice a week?

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