Odd question: Is gear transdermal?

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    So in other words, shooting 250 mgs of test e a week sub-q is as effective as 500mgs shot IM ??
    hard to say as you wont find doctors running a study that high. so maybe it peaks out at some point, nobody knows for sure

  2. Interesting none the less though. Sounds intriguing but I dont want to be the guinea pig for it.
    Remember why you started.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by thegodfather View Post
    Interesting none the less though. Sounds intriguing but I dont want to be the guinea pig for it.
    M.B. Greenspan, C.M. Chang
    Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, McMaster University,
    Hamilton, ON, Canada
    Objectives: The preferred technique of androgen replacement
    has been intramuscular (IM) testosterone, but wide
    variations in testosterone levels are often seen. Subcutaneous
    (SC) testosterone injection is a novel approach; however,
    its physiological effects are unclear. We therefore investigated
    the sustainability of stable testosterone levels using
    SC therapy. Patients and methods: Between May and
    September 2005, we conducted a small pilot study involving
    10 male patients with symptomatic late-onset hypogonadism.
    Every patient had been stable on TE 200 mg IM for
    41 year. Patients were instructed to self-inject with
    testosterone enanthate (TE) 100 mg SC (DELATESTRYL
    200 mg/cc, Theramed Corp, Canada) into the anterior
    abdomen once weekly. Some patients were down-titrated
    to 50 mg based on their total testosterone (T) at 4 weeks.
    Informed consent was obtained as SC testosterone administration
    is not officially approved by Health Canada. T
    levels were measured before and 24 hours after injection
    during weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4, and 96 hours after injection
    in week 6 and 8. At week 12, PSA, CBC, and T levels
    were measured however; the week 12 data are still being
    collected. Results: Prior to initiation of SC therapy, T
    was 19.14+3.48 nmol/l, hemoglobin 15.8+1.3 g/dl, hematocrit
    0.47+0.02, and PSA 1.05+0.65 ng/ml. During
    the first 4 weeks, there was a steady increase in
    pre-injection T from 19.14+3.48 to 23.89+9.15 nmol/l
    (p0.1). However, after 8 weeks the post-injection T
    (25.77+7.67 nmol/l) remained similar to that of week 1
    (27.46+12.91 nmol/l). Patients tolerated this therapy with
    no adverse effects. Conclusions: A once-week SC injection
    of 50100 mg of TE appears to achieve sustainable and
    stable levels of physiological T. This technique offers
    fewer physician visits and the use of smaller quantity of
    medication, thus lower costs. However, the long term
    clinical and physiological effects of this therapy need further


    Al-Futaisi AM, Al-Zakwani IS, Almahrezi AM, Morris D. Subcutaneous administration of testosterone. A pilot study report. Saudi Med J. 2006;27(12):1843-6.


    OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of low doses of subcutaneous testosterone in hypogonadal men since the intramuscular route, which is the most widely used form of testosterone replacement therapy, is inconvenient to many patients. METHODS: All men with primary and secondary hypogonadism attending the reproductive endocrine clinic at Royal Victoria Hospital, Monteral, Quebec, Canada, were invited to participate in the study. Subjects were enrolled from January 2002 till December 2002. Patients were asked to self-administer weekly low doses of testosterone enanthate using 0.5 ml insulin syringe. RESULTS: A total of 22 patients were enrolled in the study. The mean trough was 14.48 +/- 3.14 nmol/L and peak total testosterone was 21.65 +/- 7.32 nmol/L. For the free testosterone the average trough was 59.94 +/- 20.60 pmol/L and the peak was 85.17 +/- 32.88 pmol/L. All of the patients delivered testosterone with ease and no local reactions were reported. CONCLUSION: Therapy with weekly subcutaneous testosterone produced serum levels that were within the normal range in 100% of patients for both peak and trough levels. This is the first report, which demonstrated the efficacy of delivering weekly testosterone using this cheap, safe, and less painful subcutaneous route

  4. NICE

    and NO, not human grade. It's UG gear but I've had this guy for 6 years and its like butter

    I hope I dont get any PM's!! I will not respond!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    There are studies showing sub-q is just as effective as IM, and kept more stable blood levels.

    Are you using human grade gear?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    it was a joke....and then i realized that my dry sense of humor and inflection generally dont carry over from my mouth to the keyboard....i see it was taken the wrong way....sorry
    mooch I always get your sense of humor and find you very amusing. I have read some funny **** from your post!

  6. im very dry and dont mean half of what i say....in another thread with people who know me it would have been laughed at....here it was RUDE!.....oh well....win some lose some....at least im makin somebody laugh.....

  7. To answer your original question, yes the test and tren can be absorbed transdermally. With the prop/ace esters absorption is lowered, but it will still absorb. I assume just rubbing the oil on your skin would have very little effect. If you pick up a transdermal solution and mix powder in it, between about 30%-50% can be absorbed. test/tren base are more effective and cheaper though. Hope this helps.


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