Why is it that Anavar burns belly fat?

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    There are smaller dosed (10mg) tablets on the market.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    i've talked to guys who did 150/day. basically 100 a day isn't "crazy" as they are 50mg tabs/caps. so its 2 caps, its not too easy to go from 50 to anything else. i imagine from what i've heard that it helps with fatloss largely because you feel too crappy to eat
    Haha if i can lose fat, gain weight and put 40 pounds on my bench when i'm 85 i guess i'll chalk it up as a win.

    I've never seen the 10mg ones anywhere so far.

    Most of those guys using 150mg are at least young, big and using for under 6 weeks. It seems a little different when you juice up a bunch of old guys with one of the strongest steroids known, for that long... Sorry for the tangent.

    In your experience how did the var effect your appetite?

  3. I wish I could find some damn var in powder form..

  4. Look around. Its out there. Its the only way i could even conceive running a decent cycle.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
    Look around. Its out there. Its the only way i could even conceive running a decent cycle.
    Oh Im looking. Late into the night, clickin links and just waking up at my computer face on the keyboard like .

  6. Quote Originally Posted by B5150 View Post
    There are smaller dosed (10mg) tablets on the market.
    for anadrol? would be nice I guess, at least then you have some control still don't think i'd ever run it, its like dbol on crack

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
    This is what i got out of it too. The most hypogonadal men benefited the most because they started out with the lowest amount of androgens in their system. (aka overcoming fat/weak syndrom ) Has anyone here observed differences in fat loss when running it solo or stacked with test?

    That last study had some huge results Seth. Did everyone catch the oxymetholone in there? It seemed like another anavar studay at first. I cant believe doctors put a bunch of senior citizens on a 12 week 100mg/day cycle of A-bombs... Was anyone actually surprised their strength/weight went up so much? I havnt even seen any of the bbers here do an abuser oral cycle like that. Its probably one of those chinese studies.

    I've never run anadrol, but is it safe to say the sides are a little overstated?
    Everybody is different. I was reading the MD forums and RazorRipped there said that 200mg of Abombs for 12 weeks was his standard cycle for a while. Remember that, apparently, it's prescribed up to 500mg/ed for wasting patients.

    Some people probably feel crappy at 100. IDK i've never felt too bad on cycle even 30mg of SD in week 4 no lost libido and no lethargy. Some people just need bigger doses. Maybe everyone's liver filters the compound to a different extent. Who knows. I've seen AAS vets who say that Dbol stacked with Drol is the ****.

    ^^ 10mg tabs of anadrol, that sounds pointless, you'd be eating those things all day

  8. The 10mg pills wouldnt be pointless to stack on a bigger cycle or for a longer amount of time. There is a study on the diminishing returns of drol out there somewhere that i have seen. Basically 100mg is the point where there are major diminishing returns. Even in the study Seth posted the 50mg dose has a lot more than 50% of the results that 100mg had.

    Unreal i've heard the same thing about d-bol and drol stacked. Sounds like a recipe for gyno though if you're not carefull.

  9. hmmm looks like anavatr is better than winstrol but mroe expensive??

  10. Quote Originally Posted by sethroberts View Post
    It used to be that a reasonable dose of anavar was 20 to 40 mg a day. In the past 10 years that has creeped up to 60 to 100 mg per day. Lower doses work well -- no, you won't get the immediate gratification but this is a marathon, not a sprint and people who want immediate results usually burn out quick.
    I want to bump this post. I think there are way too many people out there recommending massive doses not only for var but for all AAS. I think these high dosages are due in part to misinformation. For instance, there is a var profile on $teroid(dot)com that says 20-80mg dosages are what is needed for burn related wasting...uhhh NO!!! There are MANY studies out there that use dosages as low as 2.5mg/ED for major burn victims. Additionally, the author states he would use 100mg/ED if he were to use var. What a LOAD of garbage advice. This along with addict AAS users recommending 60-100mg doses is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. And I would never recommend a dosage to someone assuming they have underdosed product, I think this is extremely dangerous.

    *steps down from soap box*

    Cope only used 25mg var on his last cycle, good results. I like low-dose, short cycles combining a few different chems. I find it easier to maintain gains on low-dose, 4-6 weeks cycles. Plus it's easier on the body, especially lipid profile AND the heart. Sorry for the rants guys, but having used 20mg and 25mg in my cycles, I would say that the most someone should use is 40mg. If you want more gains, run something along with your var. Var also makes your blood thick and coagulate, this I have verified.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    for anadrol? would be nice I guess, at least then you have some control still don't think i'd ever run it, its like dbol on crack
    I loled

  12. Ressurrecting oldie but goodie.

    Wish Seth were still around
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