1st cycle T Cyp on top of HRT

  1. 1st cycle T Cyp on top of HRT

    Just started Hormone Replacement Therapy 100mg/ Test Cyp per week with T levels of 190. At 100mg/ week I do not expect my levels to get more than low-normal. That said, will bumping my injections up to 250mg Test Cyp/ twice week for a 12 wk cycle be enough to put me at anabolic range or do I need to do that plus the prescribed 100mg/ week (600mg/ week)?

  2. When you say just started, how recent do you mean? Have you stabilized and got used to the HRT prescribed? Also are you working with a doc, and is he aware of your plan? If he finds out, he might not be too happy to work with you.

  3. Was on the gel for 3 mths but switched to the Cyp 2 weeks ago. I am giving enough time before I see him next so that my levels will be back to norm.

  4. how often does he want your blood levels checked?

  5. Every 3mths but I will be deployed to another state so he agreed to extend the check 8 more weeks. That should be enough time to bring me back down to levels that the TRT would have me at.

  6. great man, good luck! I wish I knew more about cycling on top of HRT but I don't. Thats the big one to watch out for (your doc 'busting' you). If he/she finds out they will be pissed almost surely.

  7. 500 will be plenty. or if you want more fun stay on the 100 you are prescribed, and add 100mg of test prop every other day. at least then you can drop it off at the end and it will clear fast

  8. ^ great idea!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by samadhismiles View Post
    ^ great idea!
    Aside from EOD injections, which some people don't want to do.

  10. eh from 2x a week to 3.5 isn't that huge a jump

  11. Plus he could run multiple 8-9 weekers (since he's only being checked every 3 months). I might be tempted in his case to go on 8 weeks on/8 week off schedule. I'm not sure if that would be a great idea or not....but it would be tempting damnit.

  12. and lower sides, less bloat, etc, and if you have to travel or do something where you can't bring the prop along, you still have the baseline of the cyp

  13. That's the only good thing about TRT injections is that I'm always covered if I have to go anywhere with it. I just take the Rx bottle & my scrip & I should be good. Otherwise, shots for life sucks!!
    I would do anything for a natural level of around 700.


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