1st test cycle

  1. Smile 1st test cycle

    So first cycle running test e 500mg\wk pinning twice a week, weird thing is 4 days after my first pin my strength was up and libido was really high, I'm figuring its just a placebo effect, today 40 mins after my 3rd injection I'm brushing my teeth and I'm getting a pump, and looking very vascular, I'm thinking is this even possible, I can't even verify my gear my source is a ug lab and is definitely good to go, could he have sent prop or susp instead? Any feedback would be great

  2. You're 10 days into your cycle and have injected 750mg of testosterone so far. You're starting to come up and it feels good!

    Welcome to the dark side!

  3. So getting a boost on strength and libido is somewhat normal this soon in? I definitely like if that's the situation, so does the girlfriend

  4. imo if you were injecting prop you would have been rocked the first 250mg injection you gave yourself!!!

  5. My first workout after the first injection I had some issues with my elbow so I didn't go to hard but 2 days later I did my arms and I added 20lbs to my straight bar curl

  6. Oh and I'm assuming its 250mg I'm pinning 1ml sat and thursday, my vials have no label so I'm going on assumption only

  7. could be pinning 300mg.

  8. Well whatever it is its working for me, and now that I picked up some dbol the gains will come


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